How much money should my child deposit into the Tuck Shop at registration on the first day of camp?

Even though our campers are provided three full meals and one night time snack per day, they do burn a lot of calories during their sessions at camp. Our tuck shop sells candy bars, chips, PowerAde and water and besides the purpose of snacking on fun treats, the campers find the tuck shop a great social meeting place during their scheduled free-time.

Note: Our camp water is suitable to drink and portable water bottles are encouraged.

Our ever popular camp T-shirts and sweats are available for purchase at competitive prices. Please refer to the Tuck Shop Price List located in the Parents Information section.

On average, campers spend between $5-$7 per day on snacks and drinks and usually purchase at least one clothing item. This information is intended to be a guideline only and ultimately the final decision should be made by the parent or guardian.

Does my child have to deposit their Tuck money into their account or can they keep it with them in their cabin?

We do NOT encourage keeping money in the cabins. Unfortunately we have had reports of money going missing from the cabins and although this is a terrible situation it is avoidable by eliminating the opportunity. Once the money is securely deposited in the camper’s Tuck account, every purchase will be deducted and the balance will be disclosed to the camper each and every time a purchase is made. Should there be any monies remaining at the end of the week, the camper will receive their balance in an envelope before deregistration. Of course they may use this cash to make any final Tuck shop purchases before they depart camp.

My child is coming to Madawaska for the first time. Is it possible for us to call you after the first few days to find out how they are doing and if they adjusted well?

Absolutely! If you have any worries or concerns, please feel free to call or email us so we can have our section leaders track your child and provide an update to his or her status and comfort level. The campers will not be allowed to call home unless there is an emergency or if the head staff deems it necessary.

We view this week as a growth period for your child both physically and emotionally and we appreciate your support in this area. Of course you are the best informed of your child’s personality and well-being, we appreciate the opportunity to use you as a resource should we feel a need.

We are passionate about helping our campers adjust to the residential camp environment and are motivated to helping them have the very best summer camp experience! Our email address

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My child is attending All-Sport camp. Can he/she request a cabin mate?

We certainly try to accommodate cabin requests. Because the cabin placements at All- Sport are based on gender and age, these factors would contribute to the availability of your requests. Again, we are happy to accommodate your requests if possible.

My child is attending Volleyball Camp. Can he/she request a cabin mate?

We certainly try to accommodate cabin requests.

That said, because volleyball camp is an intensive overnight instructional program, the athletes are pre-categorized according to gender, age and club playing experience. It is our hope to limit cabin changes once campers arrive however we will do our best to make campers feel comfortable in their placements.

Our goal is to have harmonious playing abilities within the cabins which will allow the drills learned during the week more successful and progressive.

The social component is critical at residential camps and in recent years we’ve place more emphasis on the campers’ age and maturity level.

Again our goal is to provide the best summer camp experience for every athlete whether they are new to the sport of volleyball or are seasoned veterans! Campers of all skill levels are welcomed at Madawaska!

My child is staying two weeks. Are there laundry services provided?

Yes! All two-week campers and staff will be asked to pack their clothing in their own laundry bags for cleaning so please make sure to label all clothing prior to arrival at camp.

My child is participating in the Beach session of camp. Do they need to bring running shoes?

Yes! All campers are required to bring a pair (or two) of running shoes for non-beach activities.


Why does my child need to pack a swim suit, towel and running shoes in their carry-on bag?

Once your child has been registered, they will be required to immediately change into their swim suits for a mandatory swim test at the waterfront. After their swim test they will need to change for their volleyball participation. Having these items conveniently packed in their carry-on bag will be time efficient and orderly.

I understand all medication must be given to the camp nurse and not stored in the cabins for the safety of all campers. What if my child has an epi-pen or puffer that must be on their person at all times?

For the safety of all campers, all medication (prescription and over-the-counter) must be stored with our camp nurse for proper dispensing. Should your child require to carry an epi-pen or puffer with them at all times, the camp nurse and cabin counsellor should be notified and prepared to assist your child in any way necessary.

Why do you only run your two camps at the end of the summer?

The camp grounds are used by our sister Camp Walden from the end of June until the beginning of July therefore we only have those two weeks to provide our programs. Additionally, because we draw the top club and university coaches across the province, they are only able to dedicate the one week out of the summer to camp.

What is the cancellation policy?

All cancellations prior to July 1st, 2017 are subject to a $100.00 processing fee.  Cancellations after July 1st and prior to August 1st, 2017 will be subject to a $200.00 processing fee.  Refunds on cancellations after August 1st, 2017 will be considered based on but not limited to, medical notes, camp enrolment, wait-lists and special circumstances.  All requests will be handled individually.