Our fine health care facilities are well equipped and well staffed, providing an expert medical team available to your child at all times. A doctor, nurse and physiotherapists are part of our staff at Madawaska, and should the need ever arise; we are within 40 kms of a hospital.


When your child is at Madawaska you are assured that safety is our first priority. We take every precaution to ensure the well being of your camper. At Madawaska, accident and emergency procedures are established and implemented. Moreover, the ratio of campers to counsellors is controlled to provide optimum conditions for safety.


We seek to ensure a safe and healthy stay at camp, but in the case of an unexpected accident or illness MASH, our camp’s Health Centre, will contact you.
MASH will call to inform you of any significant medical situations that have occurred at camp. Some examples of this include the doctor prescribing oral antibiotics or other medications, any situation requiring a visit to the hospital or dentist, an unusually long illness, or continuing homesickness.


For minor medical issues we do not contact the camper’s family. These matters may include: the dispensing of some oral medications such as antihistamines, topical creams or lotions; minor cuts and scrapes; homesickness that lasts for short periods of time; minor colds or short term illnesses that do not require medication.
Should we need to contact you, we will make several attempts to reach you directly and will leave a detailed message on voice mail if necessary. Please make sure to provide the camp with your most up to date contact information.


Oatmeal, yogurt, fruit, cold cereal, and hard-boiled eggs are available everyday at breakfast in addition to the main meal.
Every day at lunch (except on BBQ days) we offer a salad bar with unlimited quantities of fresh ingredients and an assortment of dressings.
Homemade soups are offered at lunch and dinner – vegetarian when the main course served is meat. Our soups are never made with MSG.
Each day we serve one “sweet” dessert (often freshly baked in the Madawaska kitchen) and one fruit dessert.

There are 1-2 outdoor BBQs per week, each serving up a different variety of meat, sides, and vegetarian options.
We are prepared to accommodate special dietary needs or restrictions, including, but not limited to, vegetarian, lactose-free, or Kosher.

The Classics

There are some foods that no camp should be without. Whether it’s  a BBQ or grilled cheese or taco night, or hearty soups and delicious salads, we have the kid-friendly foods you remember from camp, all made from nutritious ingredients. Our chefs and kitchen staff strive to bring campers a variety of healthy and tasty meals, along with fun treats.

The Choices

Picky eater? That’s not a problem! There’s always something to choose from at mealtimes. In addition to the main meal, breakfasts offer yogurt, cold cereal and hard-boiled eggs; lunch includes a choose your own salad bar, and there’s always fresh fruit on hand. Family style platters give athletes the chance to try as little or as much as they like.

The Challenges

We are prepared to accommodate special dietary requirements including, but not limited to, vegetarian, lactose-free, and Kosher. Madawaska is a Nut Aware camp and does not serve any foods containing peanuts. Talk to us about making your child’s mealtimes safe and stress-free.